What is one thing you caught your parents doing that you wish you had never seen?

Warning: Graphic content ahead. Make sure you have parental guidance while reading this.


In high school I worked part time at Arby's. I busted my rump and worked like a slave during my shifts because I really enjoyed that job and I needed the money for gas, phone bill, etc. I would often come home sweating grease and smell like a rancid onion just freshly peeled. This particular night, a fucking Friday of course, was absolutely horrid and filled with the usual slack of Co workers and griping, hateful customers. When the clock hit 10 I hung up my grease stained hat and apron, giving a large mental middle finger to the place and wishing my Co workers a good night.

Now I should note I did not get off any earlier or later than I usually did.

I arrived home at my expected time and sluggishly half walked/half crawled down the hall towards my bedroom. I had to pass my parents room in order to do this.

An orange blur in the corner of my eye appeared.

I turned to look and-OH GOD!-my dad was buried between my mother's thighs and lo and behold her orange socks was the blur that caught my attention. I shrieked in surprise and disgust whilst running like a mad man to my bedroom. Now not only was I dead tired and exhausted from a hard day at work...my stomach was threatening to regurgitate its contents.

My mom still denies it to this day. I call her "orange socks" and she gets irritated haha. Or, more hilariously, Agent Orange.

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