“Mass stupidity is nothing new. Just because everyone else is acting like an ass doesn’t mean that you have to.” – Louise Bedford

“Ember” months, which Yorubas call, Osu ba ba ba, are here again. This is because the months (September, October, November and December) end in “ber”

Most people think these months are riskier and full of more evil than the rest of the months, i.e. January to August. This can’t be farther from the truth.

The last major earthquake in Haiti didn’t happen in an “ember” month. The last major earthquake in Japan didn’t happen in an “ember” month. Boko Haram and ISIS didn’t kill people only in ember months.

Lassa and Ebola didn’t happen only in “ember” months. 40 million people died this year, before September 2016. Close to 900,000 died of motor accidents this year, before September.

If you remember, June 2016 was one of the deadliest months this year, and it isn’t an “ember” months. Ember months is a myth, fueled by superstition and folly.

When someone dies in January or March or July, people think it’s normal. When someone dies in November, they think it’s abnormal because the year is going to an end and people must see it thru. They’ve forgotten that someone who shouts “Happy New Year,” can die in January and February or March. It doesn’t make any difference.

One thanks God because one sees a New Year, but the reality is that, it’s only not time for one to die. When the time comes, it doesn’t matter the time of the year it’s. I know those who used to give thanks for being alive, but they’re now dead.

The masses are moronic, they become crazy in ember months, running a rat race to make money for December celebrations and taking things serious as if they don’t happen in other months of the year. They go into debt and start a New Year in misery.

Anyone taking one month as being more important than the other is not in their right mind.