There are three major dams in Niger State, Nigeria. The Kainji Dam built in 1968, Jebba Dam built in 1985 and Shiroro Dam built in 1990. A fourth dam is being built at Zungeru, also in Niger State. These are all hydroelectric dams and generate a potential combined power output of 1,900 megawatts.

Osun State Ede-Erinle Reservoir ---- Water supply
Oyo State Asejire Reservoir 2,369 Water supply
Sokoto State Bakolori Dam 450 8,000 Irrigation
Kano State Challawa Gorge Dam 930 10,117 Water supply
Gombe State Dadin Kowa Dam 2,800 29,000 Water supply
Sokoto State Goronyo Dam 942 20,000 Irrigation
Oyo State Ikere Gorge Dam 690 4,700 Hydro-electric, water supply
Niger State Jebba Dam 3,600 35,000 Hydro-electric power
Katsina State Jibiya Dam 142 4,000 Water supply, irrigation
Bauchi State Kafin Zaki Dam 2,700 22,000 Planned - irrigation
Niger State Kainji Dam 15,000 130,000 Hydro-electric
Adamawa State Kiri Dam 615 11,500 Irrigation, plans for hydro-electric
Ogun State Oyan River Dam 270 4,000 Water supply, irrigation,hydro-electric
Niger State Shiroro Dam 31,200 Hydro-electric power
Kano State Tiga Dam 1,874 17,800 Irrigation, water supply
Kebbi State Zauro polder project Irrigation
Katsina State Zobe Dam 177 5,000 Water supply