Lagos Beaches

Lagos Bar Beach, this may not be the most beautiful beach in Nigeria but it is definitely the most popular

Anther beautiful beach in Lagos state is the Lekki beach which happens to be my favorite resort center or the one I have always visited, Like every other beach, it got white sands and the tall cocoa-nut tree. This very popular beach is only a few kilometers away from the city center along the Lekki-Epe Expressway, right at the round-about. A few poles away from Ilasan housing estate.

Ndibe Sand Beach, Ebonyi State

An ideal centre for relaxation, Ndibe beach is part of the extensive golden sand beaches along the Cross River basin, and is located in Afikpo-North Local Government Area. Combine the spectacle of the beach itself with an abundance of activities to take part in such as snorkeling, rock and shells exploration, sport fishing, sunbathing, and canoe racing and you have got one of the most well-rounded escapist beach spots in the country.

Asaba beach

Delta state has its fair share of beaches, but the Asaba beach is one of its best; thanks to the wonderful scenery. The setting is fascinating as you are surrounded by coconut and palm trees, creeks, rock formations and clean beach sand. It is the perfect place to relax on a picnic, go surfing, play volleyball, sun-bathe or enjoy a beautiful sunset at the beach while gorging on local grilled fish in the evening.

The Calabar Beach

Calabar beach This is one of the coolest Nigeria beaches, Calabar which is the capital of (Cross River State) in Nigeria has its own share of tourist attraction, it is one of the most beautiful city in Nigeria. With the popular Obudo cattle resort located at the center of the city, the beautiful enchanting calabar beach and several other beautiful sights, the city is fast becoming noticeable and attractive.

Finima Beach

Set in the small town of Finima in Bonny Island, Rivers State, this beach is surrounded by long stretches of beaches stemming from the Atlantic Ocean. There is all-day free parking that makes getting a decent spot without having to pay through the nose a viable option – if you arrive early enough.

Ibeno Beach

Ibeno beach is an eye-catching sea coast which stretches to James Town on the Atlantic, in Akwa Ibom State. The place is perfect for recreational activities as there are facilities for water sports. However the growing number of visitors recorded at this time of the year puts a damper on its charm as a quiet getaway.

Patigi Beach

Patigi Beach located along River Niger It is not your classic poster beach with silky soft sand and a palm-fringed backdrop; rather, its appeal lies in the drama of its landscape and activities that you can engage in while on the beach
The beach can be located from the beginning of the Calabar river and the best time to visit is said to be in dry season. There are several other beaches in Nigeria, like the Tarwa bay, Eleko Beach and several others

Elegushi beach

If you are in search of solitude, this beach should not be your first choice – but if you like your beach trips to come with a little adventure, a spot of culture and plenty of partying, this is the place to be. Positioned around the Ikate area of Lekki, Lagos, Elegushi Beach is possibly the most popular beach on the peninsula.

Eleko Beach

For those beach bums looking to get out of Lagos altogether, Eleko Beach (pictured above) is our number one choice. The beach is a mere 60km trip east of Lagos and in a 45 minute car journey along the Lagos-Epe Expressway. The beach is particularly popular with local families and facilities here include the option to rent a beach hut for a day and have a BBQ made for you.

Takwa Bay Beach

Takwa Bay Beach is a highly exclusive beach which is located across the harbour of Lagos and a little further down Victoria Island from Atlas Beach. As you relax on the beach, you will in all likelihood see the local fisherman going about their work (tuna, shrimps and crabs are all fished off Nigerian waters). Further in the distance you can watch the ships and containers come and go at the Apapa Port and Lagos Harbour. All in all, it’s a fantastic day out and a real treat for the eyes.

Oniru Beach

Oniru Beach is the perfect destination for those looking for a peace and quiet and a break from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. The beach is located on Victoria Island and features a number of bars and beach huts following a recent estimated 15 million Naira investment by the beach’s owner, Sola Oniru. Note that this is a private beach and so payment is required for entrance.

Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach is a beautiful sandy beach which is surrounded by coconut plantations (as the name would suggest!). The beach is located in the town of Badagry which is approximately 70km to the west of Lagos and can be reached by car along the Lagos-Badagry Expressway. Badagry itself was once a key port in the slave trade with the Americas with most of the slaves eventually reaching Brazilian shores.

Bar Beach

Our final choice is the Bar Beach situated on Victoria Island. The beach is long and traverses the coastline from the west of the island by the Institute of Oceanography all the way to Eko Hotel on the east of the island. The beach is particularly popular with young locals who flock here in their masses on the weekend.