This list ranks Nigerian skyscrapers that stand at least 60 m (197 ft) tall, based on standard height measurement. This includes spires and architectural details. The rating was done using the height to tip method which includes antenna masts and structures attached to the buildings top.

1] NECOM HOUSE, Lagos - 160 m (520 ft)

NECOM House (formerly NITEL Tower) is a skyscraper in Lagos, Nigeria. The 32-story building was completed in 1979, and houses the headquarters of NITEL. The communications spire at the top of the tower serves as a lighthouse beacon for Lagos Harbor. The building is constructed of concrete. The building is the tallest in Nigeria and the entirety of West Africa.

2] Union Bank Building, Lagos - 124 m (407 ft)

UB building

Union Bank Building is a skyscraper in Lagos. The 28-story building serves as the headquarters of the Union Bank of Nigeria.

3] Ministry of Communication Building, Lagos - 109 m (358 ft)
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This building belongs to the Ministry of communication in Lagos, said to be the head quarters in Nigeria, building is (358ft) tall

4] COCO HOUSE, Ibadan -105 m (344 ft)

Cocoa House, completed in 1965 at a height of 105 metres was once the tallest building in tropical Africa. It is located in the city of Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria. And was built from proceeds from commodities (e.g., Cocoa, Rubber, Timber and so on) of the then Western State of Nigeria.

5] InterContinental Lagos, Lagos - 105 m (344 ft)

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts has over 180 hotels, located in more than 60 countries across the globe. In operation for over 60 years, the Intercontinental brand is one of the world’s major luxury hotel and resort brands. Their branch situated in Lagos has the 6th tallest in Nigeria.

6] CBN Lagos Building, Lagos - 100 m (330 ft)

cbn lagos
The CBN Lagos building is the 7th on the list with 330ft, it used to be the headquarters of CBN in Nigeria.

7] Great Nigeria House, Lagos - 95 m (312 ft)

The 22-storey Great Nigeria House, acclaimed as the 8th tallest building in Nigeria, accommodates Mainstreet Bank and also serves as warehouses to some traders. Caught fire in 2013.

8] CBN Headquarters CBN Headquarters -94 m (308 ft)

cbn abuja

This is basically known to everybody that the CBN Abuja is the headquarters of all CBN banks in Nigeria, its building is the 9th in Nigeria, 308 ft. with 22floors.

9] Civic Centre Towers- 90 m (300 ft)

The Civic Centre Towers offers commercial office space in a desirable area of Victoria Island, Lagos, providing modern offices with latest technology. Their building is the 9th in Nigeria with 13 floors count.

10] Eko Court A And Eko Court B - 88 m (289 ft)