Senator Hope Uzodimma who represents Imo West Senatorial District and Chairman, Senate Committee on Customs, Excise and Tariff, is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He spoke to reporters recently on the challenges in his party, his governorship ambition and other issues.

There are speculations that you plan to contest for the Imo governorship seat in 2019, and it is causing crisis in your state’s chapter of PDP. How true is this?

I am happy that you said they are speculations, meaning that people are just guessing. There is no way something that is not yet certain can be the cause of our differences. We should look for concrete issues to address, not mere speculations. I have not told anybody that I will run for governor in 2019 but since you are talking about it, why should my own speculated ambition be the issue? Are there no other people in the Imo PDP that have governorship ambitions even if it is also in the realm of speculation?
It is wrong to say that any zone has monopolized the governorship seat in Imo State. What we have are the forces of democracy at work. In 2007, the forces of democracy took the governorship seat to Okigwe zone. In 2011, the same forces of democracy were at play. You saw what happened in 2015, the PDP governorship standard bearer who is from Owerri zone got a lot of support from even the same Orlu zone we are talking about. When you say monopolize, it would appear as if some people sat down somewhere and said, “We hereby monopolize the governorship position”. It must be made clear that no zone in Imo can win the governorship seat without the support of others. Imo people generally are desirous of having the governorship seat go around and I believe we will get there, but we should not make enmity over that. I personally stayed away from contesting the governorship contest in 2015 because of the same sentiments. We are concerned about the survival of our party. Yes, we are all brothers and sisters from the same state but we are talking about party politics. Democracy is hinged on party politics.