Despite her seeming determination to stay away from the headlines, Mrs. Patience Jonathan apparently has nowhere to hide. Again and again, issues emanating from her husbandís five-year rule continue to propel her into the media. The latest incident was last Wednesday when a house in Abuja allegedly owned by her was ransacked by policemen. The newspapers were varied in the description of the ownership of the property. Some said the house was owned by Mrs. Jonathan; and some claimed that the house belonged to a relation of Mrs. Jonathanís, perhaps held in trust for the former First Lady. A few reports also claimed that the security agents invaded the home of the former First Lady. However, deeper introspection would show to anyone that it may well be the house of Mrs. Jonathan, but certainly not her home; given that she did not make it a home. Mrs. Jonathan was certainly not the only First Lady who stirred controversies while her husband was president. Virtually all subsequent First Ladies have exceeded their predecessors by their jaunts and jobs. However, unlike most of her predecessors, Mrs. Jonathan set her political radar at a level that inevitably put her husband in many conflicts. Some even allege that she showed herself a better politician than her husband and that her present predicament is a backlash for her hard politics. While other First Ladies wielded influence within the limits of the political and financial interests of their husbands, Mrs. Jonathan came to national renown simply putting her interests forward, and at many times, apparently ahead of those of her husband. Many trace the crisis in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP that eventually led to the defeat of her husband in the 2015 presidential election to her faceoff with Governor Rotimi Amaechi at the Okirika waterfront in August 2010 when she publicly scolded the host governor.

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