Nigerians have been urged to emulate the priceless sacrifices made by the Nigerian Armed Forces for the country.

The Chairman of Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area Transition Committee, Mr Ukana Udofia, made the call at a Thanksgiving service to commence the 2017 Armed Forces Remembrance Week celebration in Ibesikpo Asutan held at the Apostolic Church, Okop Ndua Erong.

Ukana said Nigerians should show willingness in making sacrifices for the development of the nation without concentrating attention on immediate gains.

“When you offer service either to a fellow man or your community without negotiating for your reward first, you will get greater reward for such service.

“That’s good service. That is the kind of service the legionnaires rendered. This is the kind of service needed in Nigeria especially at this time.The attitude of youths toward community service nowadays is sickening. Most people think about their reward first before service”.

Famine Won’t Last

He said the best attitude to service was exhibited by men and women who fought different wars to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Nigeria.

“I commend the legionnaires and Nigerians in the Armed Forces who sacrificed their comfort to protect the country.”

He also called on Nigerians to seek the face of God, as the nation plunges deeper into economic recession instead of continuing to blame people and previous administrations.

“We had years of abundance, but there was no Joseph to use the resources we had then to plan for a time like this. We are in a period of famine now, but the famine won’t last long if we seek the face of God and rise up together to address this challenge instead of sitting back to apportion blames”.

He urged youths to take up services that would grow their communities, saying that truth and selfless service were the greatest assets that could drive the nation into the better future Nigerians crave for.

The district Pastor of The Apostolic Church, Okop Ndua Erong, Pastor Samuel Etim who spoke on the topic, “Commit thyself wholeheartedly to the work of God” said there was a bountiful reward for every service rendered to God.

“The legionnaires are models of service. I urge all Nigerians to draw lessons from the humility and patriotism shown by the soldiers who fought and died to ensure that there is peace in the nation,” he stressed.

The Ibesikpo Asutan area council chairman of the Nigerian Legion, Major Anthony Adams (retired), emphasised the need to always give support to legionnaires.

“Before some of us returned from the war front, all our inheritance had been taken by our family members. For those who were injured in the war, it is very difficult for them to take care of their families,” he added.