Stop 2015 campaigning, Jonathan warns politicians

President Goodluck Jonathan has in strong words warned the political class to stop the on-going clamour about his ambition for the 2015 presidential election, just a year in his elected mandate.

A statement signed by the special adviser to the president on media, Reuben Abati on Saturday, noted “what began as an irritating distraction some months ago, appears to have now assumed a life of its own, dominating political discourse in the country, with all kinds of mischief-makers and opportunists latching on to it, to heat up the polity unnecessarily.”

The president had during the wrap-up of his presidential campaign in 2011, told an audience of Nigerians in South Africa that he will be serving a single term and will not seek re-election. But in recent weeks, the media and the political space has been awashed with debates on the president’s re-election bid in the next presidential election in 2015.

According to the statement, “the pointless, diversionary and very distractive hue and cry about the President’s alleged ambition to seek a second term in office is becoming increasingly disturbing by the day with headlines such as “JONATHAN’S 2015 AMBITION CAN BREAK UP NIGERIA” and “JONATHAN’S 2015 AMBITION FUELING INSECURITY,” now regular fare in our newspapers and on the internet.”

The President reiterated that his primary concern and the focus of all his efforts now is to deliver on his promise of positive national transformation.

He noted that his sole preoccupation as the nation moves towards the first anniversary of his administration on May 29, 2012 is to continue to give effective and purposeful leadership that will steer Nigeria towards overcoming its immediate security and developmental challenges.

“Nothing could be farther from President Jonathan’s mind at this point in time than the 2015 elections” the statement read, adding that “the President has definitely not directed or authorized any individual or group to launch any campaign on his behalf.”

“As he has repeatedly warned on many occasions, including the last national convention of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the inordinate ambition of a few self-centred Nigerians and their obsession with the politics of political succession in 2015 must not be allowed to distract the nation and its current leadership from the task of dealing with the much more urgent issues of development and the safety of Nigerians in all parts of the country.”

The President urged the political class and the Nigerian mass media, to focus on the “immediate priority of protecting, preserving and consolidating democratic governance in Nigeria and giving the nation’s current crop of elected leaders at all levels the opportunity to deliver on their promises to the people without the distraction of an unending campaign for future elections” the statement concluded.

Stop 2015 campaigning, Jonathan warns politicians