After the public outcry and condemnation All Progressives Congress has once again squandered a great opportunity to redeem itself.
Rather than coming fully clean and apologising to Nigerians for insulting their, Buhari and. His team have once again polluted the media with thier stream of half truth and manipulated facts.

The essence of this thread is to simple , dissect Buhari's declaration objectively notwithstanding the deceptive attempt by Shehu to use the term "mud"to sway sympathy!!!

1. Buhari's wife wears a =N= 10 Million wrist watch and he has just 30. Million hmmmmm I no say anything

2. The the tuition fees for just one of his many Daughters who studies at a Prestigious University in the UK is in excess of 30,000 (about 18 Million naira) and wants us to believe he lives in a cave............ in Patience Jonathan's voice continue!

3. When Yar'adua declared his assets he beared it all, wife etc Mr Buhari is narrating his via a third party in bits excluding the "Jeffersons loot" wired through the beautician if You understand what I mean...........

4. Yardadua a PDP pacesetter gave us photo copies of his Asset declaration forms dully certified.

Mr Buhari is using Shehu to tell us Stories...... 4 months after the assets were declared .....

4. Shehu in trying to be clever by half listed the Companies where "Pastor" Osinbajo is a Director and deceptively excluded Alpha Beta the same company Tinubu et al used In fleecing lagos State.

This people are not clever at all.......

This same people said they never promised to declare assets publicly

They said they never promised to feed any school child !

They said GEJ and PDP is the reason why those waiting for 5' k will have to wait forever..

They said the 20,000 megawatts of electricity promised was a mere roadmap !

They said they never promised to scrap the office of the first lady but to rename it!

It is this kind of hypocrisy, Lies and outright deception that we will continue to fight against until there is "Empirical" evidence in the Words Of Oby Ezekwesili that Justice Has been served.

May God Continue to Bless Nigeria and Nigerians