Jamaica is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea, comprising the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles. Listed below are some funny Jamaican words and their meaning.

Jamaican Saying: Chicken merry, hawk deh near.
Meaning: Be careful when things are going too good for you as its always possible that danger is around the corner.

Jamaican Saying: "Wanti wanti can't get it, getti getti no want it"
Meaning: The grass is always greener on the other side.

Jamaican Saying: "Gi mi sponge fi go dry up sea"
Giving one an impossible task to do.

Jamaican Saying: "Good fowl a go a market sensei fowl pick up themself deh follow back a dem"
Meaning: Person with class being copied by ghetto individual.

Jamaican Saying: "ride & wistle"
Meaning: Be able to do more than one thing at a time,eg, talk & work

Jamaican Saying: "fire deh a mus-mus tail him tink a cool breeze"
Meaning: Not seeing that one is heading for trouble

Jamaican Saying: "heng pan nail"
Meaning: Looking tired

Jamaican Saying: "johncrow always tink im picney pretty"
Meaning: Parent always think there children are beautiful

Jamaican Saying: "hog picney sey momma momma how yuh mouth so long, momma sey by & by yuh wi si"
Meaning: Children questioning parents why certain things happen, mother's reply wait & you will see

Jamaican Saying: "how watah walk go a punkin belly"
Meaning: How thing happen, what will happen (usually used as a threat)

Jamaican Saying: "Yuh tink a one day monkey want wife?"
Meaning: Do think you won't need my help in the future?( do not forget your friends)

Jamaican Saying: "Sarry fi mawga dawg im tun roun bite yuh"
Meaning: Help someone out of trouble he/she then is not thankfull

Jamaican Saying: see an bline, hear an deaf.
Meaning: dont talk other people business or can keep a secret.

Jamaican Saying: ole fia stick easy fi ketch.
Meaning: easy to get something that you once had it before.

Jamaican Saying: Every hoe ave dem tik a bush
Meaning: 'There's someone out there for everyone'

Jamaican Saying: Di fus wata hog pass him wash himself
'Make use of the oportunities that comes your way first'

Jamaican Saying: Cockroach nuh business inna fowl fite
Meaning: 'Stay out of things that don't concern you or else'