Despite being locked in a consistent race to the peak of smartphone mountain, this year saw Apple surge ahead by default thanks to Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

And while you might have thought the South Korean giant would wait until the release of its Galaxy S8 in order to resume the fight, it apparently has other ideas.

Following on from the bizarre release of the Coral Blue S7 variant, Sammy could be set to copy the iPhone 7's most popular colour - y'know, the shiny Jet Black one - in the hopes of luring users over to the dark side in time for Christmas.

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That's according to a fresh report from The Investor, which suggests that the company is planning to launch a glossy black version of the Galaxy S7 within the next month.

Of course, what doesn't really make sense about this rumour is that Samsung already offers the handset in the Black Onyx colourway. Although, as we saw with the iPhone, this wouldn't necessarily stop two of the same colour being released - with one obviously aimed at people who gawp at shiny things.

With the next generation of Sammy's non-explosive smartphone line set to drop in late February, releasing a fresh device now would appear to be an odd move. Still, it's better than sitting back and taking no action in the market while Apple continues to benefit.