Facebook Messenger has launched a new in-app camera for selfies with features including photo filter and stickers

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“Facebook Messenger built a new in-app camera for Snapchat-style selfies”, reports Recode. The messaging app has rolled out a new camera with features including photo filters (aka geofilters), masks (aka lenses) and stickers (aka ... actually, Snapchat calls them stickers too).

Previously (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) from Facebook: two clones of Snapchat Stories, two attempted acquisitions, four standalone apps, two ephemeral messaging implementations, and four new cameras with AR lenses.

But it also looks like Facebook is tired of fighting a rearguard action. The social network has gone on the offensive, forcing pages which use a Snapcode as their profile image (those are the yellow QR-like images which you can scan to add someone on Snapchat) to change it.