Getting an Ultra HD version of Planet Earth has been difficult; first you couldn't watch it in 4K, then you could - but only for four minutes and only on certain Panasonic TVs.

Now, the BBC has made the high-definition content more easily available by adding the same four-minute trial to Sky Q and Virgin's new V6 set-top box. Colin Sladen, a broadcast engineer for the BBC, tweeted about the update yesterday.

The 4K clip follows a "jaguar emerging from the shadows to stalk its prey...rain dropping on tiny animals and their habitats...and a frog in a shade of red never before seen on a TV".

And the best part? You should be able to view the footage on any HDR-compatible 4K TV. There is one slight catch, though. On the BBC's iPlayer help page, it says the "clip has automatically been converted from the HLG original to an SDR, standard colour asset for use with BBC iPlayer on Sky Q."

This differs to the Virgin V6 box, which is actually listed as a fully compatible device. So, to get the full-fat, full-colour viewing experience you'll still need either Virgin's latest set-top-box or one of the compatible Panasonic TVs