A team of scientists has discovered the brightest galaxy, known from the epoch when the universe had 20 percent of its present age, using an amplified image produced by a gravitational lens and the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS.

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The galaxy is 10 thousand million light years away.

“Thanks to the gravitational lens produced by a cluster of galaxies between ourselves and the source, which acts as if it was a telescope, the galaxy appears 11 times bigger and brighter than it really is, and appears as several images on an arc centred on the densest part of the cluster, which is known as an ‘Einstein Ring’,” first author of the article Anastasio Daz Snchez said.

The galaxy is notable for having a high rate of star formation. It is forming stars at a rate of 1,000 solar masses per year, compared to the Milky Way which is forming stars at a rate of some twice a solar mass per year.