THE police, on Sunday, got tough over Thursday’s bombing of Nigeria Police headquaters in Abuja, as crack detectives from Abuja stormed Maiduguri, the Boko Haram headquarters and arrested 58 sect members, including some Somalians, Sudanese and Nigeriens.

Nigerian Tribune was told that the Boko Haram members were jubilating over their success in hitting the police headquarters and causing unease in the nation at a hideout in a village, (name withheld) when security agencies swooped on them.

Following the arrests, the United States’ bomb experts contracted to determine the type and source of the bomb used in last Thursday’s attack, believed they would unearth the origin of the explosives in a short while.

Informed sources disclosed to Nigerian Tribune that the 58 Boko Haram members were moved to Abuja aboard a military aircraft and are currently being detained at the headquarters of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), amidst heavy security provided by both members of the mobile police and the anti-terrorist squad.

The arrest of the 58 Boko Haram members with the foreign nationals confirms the belief by the investigating team that Somalians and Sudanese with sympathy for the Boko Haram cause, are working in tandem with the Islamic sect to wreak havoc on the country.

A source close to the team working to unmask those behind the bombing told Nigerian Tribune that a signal had also been sent to all security agencies to be on the alert and monitor the activities of all Somalians and Sudanese found in any part of the country as intelligence reports had shown that terrorist experts from these countries had infiltrated the country.

Top security agency sources disclosed that the Federal Government might have directed the Sudanese, Somalian and Nigerien embassies in Nigeria to compile the list of the nationals in the country, as it is now set to deport all illegal aliens to their countries.

Commenting on the outcome of the forensic analysis regarding the true identity of the suicide bomber, the source said that this could not be determined in a hurry.

It was further learnt that the arrest of the 58 Boko Haram members followed the swift reaction of the Federal Government to Thursday’s bombing of the force headquarters, as it quickly dispatched plain-clothes detectives to Maiduguri for covert operation.

Informed security sources disclosed to Nigerian Tribune that the arrested suspects had made useful statements to the investigative team, which could assist them in getting solution to the problem of Boko Haram in Nigeria .

The source added that the suspects’ cooperation was giving the security agencies a headway. Some of them claimed that they did not know what their grievances were as many of them were coerced into the activities of Boko Haram.