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Police Arrest Notorius Ibadan Robber Yekini Jimoh a.k.a ‘Ejo’

Police Arrest Notorius Ibadan Robber Yekini Jimoh a.k.a ‘Ejo’  ; MANY people would not believe the story of an armed robbery suspect, Jimoh Yekini, popularly known as Ejo (snake), who is currently in the custody of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad ...

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    Default Police Arrest Notorius Ibadan Robber Yekini Jimoh a.k.a ‘Ejo’

    MANY people would not believe the story of an armed robbery suspect, Jimoh Yekini, popularly known as Ejo (snake), who is currently in the custody of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Oyo State, Ibadan.But he confirmed all what the residents of Foko area, Ibadan, who he had held hostage, said about him.
    Crime & Security gathered that Yekini operated a one-man robbery squad and had been a thorn in the flesh of the residents. He robbed them at will, to the extent that his name became a slogan on the lips of everybody. But his last assignment landed him in the police net.
    When paraded by the Oyo State police command recently, Yekini confirmed that the police arrested him as a result of the death of Kamoru Adisa Lamidi, who he claimed was accidentally killed.
    In a chat with Crime & Security, Yekini said he killed Lamidi accidentally. He said "His son, (Afeez Lamidi) is my friend and both of us were arguing over an issue. His father came to broker peace between us but while I was trying to attack Afeez, who also had a weapon to defend himself against me, I mistakenly hit the father's head with a stone. I learnt he died because of the injury he sustained from the attack."
    When Crime & Security asked him how many times he hit him with the stone before the deceased lost his balance and eventually died, Yekini failed to provide a definite answer.
    But the residents and family of the deceased gave a different account of how Yekini killed Lamidi. The younger brother of the deceased, Alfa Akindele Lamidi, who said he was around on that fateful day revealed that Ejo kicked his brother in his private part before continuously hitting him with a stone on the head.
    “I was discussing with the deceased when we suddenly heard his son, Afeez, screaming outside, denying Yekini's frienship. When I inquired from him, he told me that ' Yekini hit him with the tray he used to cover his face.”

    Ejo claimed that he didn't possess weapons as being peddled around by the residents. He also denied that leading the alleged squad that burnt some shops at Apaana and Foko area, but one Ismaila, popularly known as Jala.

    Why would one cover his face and engage in a scuffle with another person passing by without any previous relationship. Ejo confessed that while passing by, he saw "Afeez coming from the other side of the road, holding some naira notes behind him. This I tried to collect from him just to tickle him and not by force, but he misunderstood me. This led to a disagreement between us."

    When Ejo discovered that Lamidi was unconscious, he took to his heels before he was mobbed by youths of the area who were around. He was then handed over to the SARS command which Crime & Security learnt had been on his trail.

    Lamidi,61, was rushed to two different hospitals where the family members were referred to UCH. On getting to UCH, the doctors, according to the family, confirmed that he was dead already.
    Kamoru Lamidi
    Meanwhile, Crime & Security learnt that on that fateful Sunday, August 12, 2012, Ejo was coming from another scene where, he had killed an Hausa man, who he suspected allegedly saw him while robbing someone of his valuables in one shop at Agbeni Market. On sensing that the Hausa man saw him, he walked up to him, attacked him and killed him as well.
    The most surprising aspect of the drama is that Ejo is known by the residents as a chief tormentor, but failed to report him to the police.
    But some of the residents who pleaded anonymity said Ejo was an instrument for some powerful politicians, hence his confidence in securing his release even if he got arrested. His escapades included leading a gang of touts to burn down some shops around Agbeni, Foko area, Ibadan.
    During the fuel subsidy protest in January this year, he was said to have led some thugs to burn almost 40 houses. The residents also said that he used dangerous weapons to terrorise the residents, forcefully demanding money from them at will. They also informed that some of Ejo's victims include one woman whom after disposssessing her of valuables, he attacked her with knives. Another victim of his was a woman who sells liquor. She said she had become helpless because Ejo was her regular unwelcomed visitor, having robbed her more than seven times.
    Crime & Security further learnt that the police had been inundated by several phone calls from the residents, intimating the police that Ejo had threatened that if he returned, some of the people who had given evidences against him or spoken publicly against him would be dealth with..
    The police, according to sources are concluding plans to charge 'Ejo' to court.

    Source: Tribune.

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    This scenario is I think the ideal one, where rascals and rogues are tipped to the police by the residents and the police complete the process. I do really hope they complete the process.
    -t'will encourage the people to have more of the guts and would make the society a better place for us all.
    As a side thought, I'm curious about how the people managed not to prescribe "jungle justice" for him(Lagstyle). It shows some civil progress methinks.

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