The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN has called on the Federal Government to double up its efforts at stopping incessant attacks on farmers by Fulani herdsmen in southern part of the state.

According to the Christian group, the government is not doing enough curb the killing of farmers in the area.

The President of CAN, Rev Samson Ayokunle, who stated this while receiving representatives of villages displaced by the current crisis rocking southern Kaduna, in Abuja, said there was religious cleansing going on in Kaduna State.

Narrating their ordeal, the victims, who spoke through the Secretary of CAN, Godogodo Zone, Rev. Chawangon Nathan, said the problem, which started in May 26, 2016, had snowballed into uncontrollable crisis due to non-challant attitude of those in authority.

Nathan disclosed that “102 people had so far been killed while about 215 sustained various degree of injuries. 50, 000 houses burnt in 25 villages, over 10,000 displaced and over 30,000 hectares of land destroyed deliberately by Fulani.

“The governor visited only one village once and the impact of that visit is not felt up till today. There is religious sentiment among the security operatives.”

Speaking further, CAN President said, “This is the situation in our own country. The question is these rampaging Fulani people, are they above the law? Why are they appearing as the untouchable? Why were they not arrested? Why should the victims be the people to be arrested?

“When we are talking of the peaceful coexistence, there must be mutual respect. We are appealing to the government of the day, it is becoming unbearable, shall we keep quiet when our people are being destroyed daily?

“They are human beings, they are not cow, they have the right to exist. Every Nigeria has the right to be protected, we are appealing to the government of the day, we are appealing to the Inspector General of Police, we are appealing to all the security agents.

“We are appealing to the Governor of Kaduna State: please do your work and let us see crystal clear, it is not okay to just say all is well, while all is not well. We are not infants, we are adults, and the killing continues up till now. You remember that southern Kaduna is predominantly Christians, why is it that this is the area targeted, is this not Boko Haram in another form?

“I was reading a newspaper recently and somebody in government said the rampaging herdsmen are from Niger and Mali. Is it not ridiculous to say that? When you are with all that is needed to protect the country, am I the one with the power to police the country?

“When those in the government are aware that dangerous people are entering the country and they are allowing them, what efforts have the immigration, security agents taken to prevent unwanted foreigners from entering this country illegally? That kind of explanation should not come up again, it is totally upsetting.

“This is a moment of truth, it is not about the politics or ethnicity, not even about religion, it is about the value attached to the life of every Nigerian. Are you saying that everybody should take up arms, for self defence? If these Fulani people can be going about in the day killing and they will always be unknown, when are they going to be known?

“To keep Nigeria one, first of all, it must start from the government, before every one of us. The government must give us the leadership, otherwise, this kind of systematic killing and ethnic cleansing should stop henceforth, and we are praying for this nation.”