It is very shameful and disgusting that there is no government agency regulating and controlling the affairs of DSTV in Nigeria. Subscribers are made to pay for calls when they call/text the customer care centre which should be a free toll line to all subscribers.

One’s subscription is running whether one watches or not. This should be pay per view, as it is done on GSM calls in the Country.

There is no grace of one day, once one’s subscription expires, one will be yanked off. I was yanked off on December 7 despite the fact that I paid on November 08 activated and did decoder swap on October 5. This must be stopped. It is an act of defrauding millions of Nigerians. The Federal Government should please come to our rescue.

We are really tired of of Dstv or Multichoice’s exploitation. Let’s make hay while the sun shines.