Give examples of ways that parents tried to discipline a child that didn't work or actually enforced the behaviour. See my own answer for an example.

Answer: My sister and I don't get along, so I never expected her to ask me for advice, but here's what happened.

My father was visiting her and her family and everyone was sitting at a large, rectangular dining room table.

Her son was about 18-months-old, and kept climbing onto a chair, then attempting to crawl across the table, to be with his Grandfather.

My sister kept removing the child from the chair, scolding him, and putting him in "time out." (He was 18-months-old). She would try to keep him there for maybe a minute or two, then scold him again, then bring him back to the table, and expect him to sit "nicely" in his own seat.

Finally, at one point, my sister looked at me (I was raising three children who were teens at the time), shrugged her shoulders, and asked me, "What would YOU do?"

After my father and I got rid of the shocked expressions on our faces from having the request to begin with, I gently picked up the child, carried him around the table, and placed him happily in Grandpa's lap, which was his whole goal in the first place.

Sometimes, you just try too hard to make things work, when you completely ignore the obvious. (Both child and Grandpa sat quietly visiting with the rest of the family for over an hour, until the child fell asleep in his lap).