I know a gentleman who owns a plush car. He likes driving and he gives lifts to only beautiful women.

If a man begs him for a lift, he wonít agree unless itís a pretty lady.

One day, his car broke down while on an express road. The pretty girl in his car simply got out, waved down another car, and left in the car. She didnít even think of offering any help to the man who was generous enough to lift her free.

The man was perplexed. He needed help. Some men around the area rallied to him, and helped him push the car. The car engine was started. He was happy as he sped off.

Lesson: Help women with a lift, but donít ignore men also. You do things for women free because you want to win their love, and women are good at taking advantage of such stupid generosity. In most cases, you end up being a loser in relationships with women because the only benefit you gain in most cases is to sleep with them. No other advantage whatsoever.

When the car breaks down, only men would help you push it.

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