Following last Sunday’s early morning attack on Alakyo village by suspected Fulani gunmen where the Ombatse spiritual leader Lega Agu, commonly called Baba Alakyo, was reportedly killed, his first son Adamu Mohammed said he is yet to set eyes on his father since the incident.

Mohammed, who spoke exclusively in Nasarawa – Eggon local government said he had made no form of contact with his father since he, Baba Alakyo, had no mobile phone thereby, lending credence to speculations making the rounds that the Ombatse spiritual leader might have been killed in the attack.

He said: I was here in Nasarawa – Eggon tending to my sick child when I was informed of the attack on my village (Alakyo). I used my motorcycle to and rode to the village immediately I got the information but did not see my father.”

“No one has told me he has set eyes on him or spoken to him yet though we are still searching and asking questions and making enquiries of his whereabouts”.
Mohammed noted further that the Fulani who invaded the village burnt down their houses and including four of his cars though no casualties were recorded since they had prior knowledge of the attack.

“We have not reported the matter to the Police yet, but they have always said they want Baba’s head so if they have it let them let us know so that our mind can be at rest” he said.