A naked man was found early this morning on an MTN mast 100 feet above the ground.

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Residents, workers and early risers at the Lekki Penninsula Phase 1, Lagos, were in great shock this morning as they woke up to see a naked man on a 100 feet MTN mast at Caroline Atuonah street, off Durosimi Etti road, creating shock and panic.

The sight of the man on the mast as early as 6am drew a large crowd of onlookers with many wondering how he got up to that height as the mast is in an enclosed compound with a fence and a security man manning it.
Panic as naked man climbs 100-foot network mast in Lekki play
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The security man however, claimed ignorance as to how the naked man beat his network and climbed the mast.

He said:

"I cannot say how he climbed up. He is a mentally deranged man who has been roaming the area naked for a while. This morning, he came close by as usual and took his bath in the gutter near this house.

I went inside to take something only to hear shouts and when I came out, I saw he had already gone beyond 20 feet on the mast."
Panic as naked man climbs 100-foot network mast in Lekki play

However, officers from the Nigerian Police Force and the Lagos State Fire Service later came around and tried to persuade the man to come down.
Panic as naked man climbs 100-foot network mast in Lekki play

After much persuasion, the apparently disturbed young man began his slow descent and while on his way down, 50 feet in the air, he stopped to urinate, spraying urine at those who had gathered close to watch him.

When he finally got down, our man broke into a rendition of gospel songs, with the crowd joined him in the singing.

He was later taken into the custody by the Police.