A 13-year old boy in Florida has killed himself and his 6-year old brother over food.

According to CNN, the young lad killed his 6-year-old brother and wounded an older sibling following a food disagreement, then committed suicide with the same gun.

Reports say the children were home alone having dinner, as their mother was at work and their older 18-year old brother was out.

It was while they were having said dinner in their mobile home park in Hudson that an argument over food started.

Speaking on the incident, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said:

"This is a nightmare when you hear about the ages of these boys. A 6-year-old that was probably playing in his room, an argument over food, and he lost his life."

While details of what transpired remains sketchy, it is believed that following the dispute at dinner, the 13-year-old got a handgun, killed the 6-year-old and shot the other brother, 16. He then committed suicide.

The injured teen was able to call 911 and is hospitalized with a nonlife threatening injury.

The names of the victims remain unreleased and it is unclear whose gun the boy used.