1. I cannot change the past. But I can change the present and the future.

2. I am a former military ruler and a converted democrat.

3. I have heard and read references to me as a ‘former dictator’…I take responsibility for anything that happened under my watch.

4. Two things have bloomed in the present administration: waste and corruption.

5. Because of the greed, profligacy and corruption, Nigeria’s ‘wealth’ has not translated to human development.

6. I assure you, if I become president, the world will not have to worry about Nigeria as it is now.

7. To vote for the continuity of failure or to elect progressive change. I believe the people will choose wisely.

8. Any war waged on corruption should not be misconstrued as settling old scores or a witch-hunt.

9. I’m running for President to lead Nigeria to prosperity and not adversity.

10. As you all know, I have been a military head of state in … But the global triumph of democracy has shown that another and a preferable path to change is possible.

11. On corruption, there will be no confusion as to where I stand. Corruption will have no place and the corrupt will not be appointed into my administration.