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A 19-year-old Indian girl, Girija Srinivas, has been battling with a rare congenital disorder which has caused her to be stuck in the body of a two-year-old girl, reports Asian News.

The disorder called congenital agenesis of the bones, means that her body has refused to develop with age and at 19 years, Srinivas stands at 2.5 feet tall and weighs just over 25 pounds with much of the weight in her head, which weighs her down to the point that she cannot sit up.

The report also adds that Srinivas has a very fragile body and struggles to breathe while doctors have told her that if she turns her neck too quickly, she could fracture a bone. Still, with help from her mother, Srinivas battles through her condition in effort to reach her goals.

She has even launched a career as an artist and hopes to support her parents one day.

"I donít like anyone pitying me, I have shown everyone what my capabilities are. My mother helps me with eating and other normal things.

But while Iím painting and drawing I need nobodyís help. I do it myself. I sell five to six paintings per month, which makes me between 8,000 and 10,000 rupees ($130-160).

I have to look after my parents and I need to have the financial capacity to do that.

People say many things about me, laugh at me and call me mad. They even wonder how my father is looking after me.

But my family members treat me as a normal person and I have many friends of my age. They never tease me that I am a toddler. I am not sad for being too small and unable to walk or move like a normal person."

The family is unable to afford proper medical care for their daughter, who would benefit from oxygen cylinders or continuous airway pressure therapy, according to doctors.