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A 27-year-old prostitute in Sacramento, USA, Porche Wright, has been charged for trying to kill her 7-year-old daughter by pouring gasoline on the girl and setting her on fire.

Wright was arrested after a friend went to her home and found the little girl covered in burns, and promptly reported to the police who went to the house and nabbed her. The Sacramento Police Department reports that though the girl was severely injured, she is expected to survive.

Wright who is being held in the county jailís psychiatric unit, is facing charges of attempted murder and aggravated mayhem, which means the defendant is accused of extreme indifference to the physical or psychological well-being of another person, intentionally causing permanent disability or disfigurement.

The young girl was rushed to a hospital by Sacramento Fire Paramedics, who immediately administered medical treatment for burns.

It is believed that the child's injuries are consistent with a flammable liquid that was placed on the victim and set on fire.

Wright has been arrested in the past for prostitution and domestic violence.