UEFA's latest Benchmarking Report reveals the extent England's mammoth expenditure and also confirmed Barcelona as the highest-paying team in Europe

Combined wages paid by English Premier League clubs were more than double those in the next best-paying league - Italy’s Serie A - according to UEFA’s Club Licensing Benchmarking Report for the 2015 financial year.

Total wages in the Premier League topped €2.69 billion in 2015, with the average wage bill in England’s top flight reaching €134.5m.

By contrast, Serie A clubs paid out a combined €1.309bn, with each team spending an average of €65.5m in wages over the course of the year. The German Bundesliga paid out €1.251bn in wages for the year at a team average of €69.5m per annum.
“For the first time on record, the total wage bill of the highest-paying league (English Premier League) was more than double that of the next highest-paying league (Italy’s Serie A), with the strength of the British pound in 2015 just pushing the English clubs over this line,” the report reads.