As noted, Triple H appeared on Good Morning Britain on Friday. The show's anchor, Piers Morgan (CNN's Piers Morgan Live, America's Got Talent), wasn't on the show that day so Triple H invited him to RAW and SmackDown this week.

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"I came here today looking for you," Triple H said in the video message below to Piers. "Low and behold, you're not here. I heard you're running scared, you called in sick today at the last second, you didn't show up. That's alright, that's understandable, I know you've got that little bit of a shiver with me lookin' for ya. But I'm inviting you now to come to us. Come to Monday Night RAW, come to SmackDown Live as my guest. Let's see if you've got the guts to do this thing."

Piers replied to Triple H's invite with the tweet below:

Any time, sunshine.
Yo''ll never survive Piers' Pedigree. ????