The Oyo State Police Command on Wednesday said one person was killed when hoodlums clashed in Oja’ba area of Ibadan.
However, some of the residents of the area claimed six persons were killed during the clash.
Trouble began on Tuesday evening when a group named Idowu Boys, with support from Zaccheus Boys, threatened to attack an unnamed group.

A resident of the area said Idowu Boys and the unnamed group had engaged in a deadly street fight in the past.
The source said, “Idowu Boys said they had an unfinished business with the other group after a recent clash. The members said they would attack the group after joining forces with Zaccheus Boys on Tuesday evening, so there was commotion in the area. We had to close our shops and stayed indoors because of what happened in the past.

“From what I heard, Idowu Boys said the other group killed one of their members recently and that they were prepared to take their revenge on them. They ambushed them around Gege, leading to a fight that left three dead. We later heard that six persons eventually died in the clash.”