Many faithful citizens of Lagos have had some kinds of difficulties in paying for the Lagos State Land Use Charge. Some would need to do return visits to banks, because network isnít good for several days consecutively.

If you happen to pay at those banks, it may take ages for you to get your receipt. Even if you get it the same day, you couldíve waited hours. Few banks would issue you your receipt without delay.

What is the best and easiest way to pay for the Lagos State Land Use Charge?

Answer: Go to Alausa Secretariat in Ikeja. You go only once in a year, and the excellent service you enjoy there would compensate for your transportation inconvenience. When you get there, ask for Land Use Charge office (where you can pay). Those whoíre in the payment office would be happy to attend to you. You donít need to fill any deposit slip or queue. Simply present your bill, pay for it, and get your receipt. Youíll spend a maximum of 10 minutes.

While going to your nearest bank looks easy, issues may arise that would eventually make it necessary for you to go to Alausa. Itís far better and easier to go to Alausa Secretariat and pay there.

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