The internet giant firm Google has revealed three more African countries that could send free SMS for free via their Gmail platform. Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi mobile phone subscribers with specific networks would now join five other African countries to send SMS for free.
Google said in a statement that the service is to create a way for Gmail users to carry on chatting with friends, “even when they’re away from their computers.”

“In the past few weeks we have added functionality to Gmail that allows users (worldwide) to chat over SMS with phone subscribers in Uganda (MTN, Uganda Telecom and Orange), Tanzania (Vodacom), and Malawi (Airtel, TNM),” the Google Africa blog said.

These countries join other African countries for which this feature has been added in the past year - Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana and Zambia.

“As a Gmail user, you can send SMSes to your friends for free, and when your friends reply, they will be charged the same as a regular SMS,” it added.