Inactive telephone lines in the country’s telecommunications industry have reduced from 76,164,149 in July to 73,885,542 in August, the Nigerian Communications Commission has said.
According to a monthly subscriber data obtained by the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Lagos, there was a reduction of 2,278,607 inactive numbers within the period.
The data showed that of the 226,686,390 connected telephone numbers, only 152,800,848 lines were being put to use.
It stated that of the 73,885,542 inactive numbers, the Global System for Mobile Communications networks had a share of 70,410,670.
The Code Division Multiple Access operators had a share of 3,279,179 and the Fixed Wired/Wireless networks had a total of 187,443 unused telecommunications lines.
The data also showed that Voice Over Internet Protocol network had 8,232 inactive numbers.
It showed that of the 152,800,848 active lines, the GSM networks had 152,285,320 numbers, adding a total of 2,577,243 lines compared to the July figure of 149,708,077 active lines.

The CDMA operators had 329,093 active lines, as their active numbers reduced by 42,520 lines, from the July figure of 371,613 active lines.
The Fixed/Wireless networks had a share of 161,742 of the active lines, reducing the July figure of 164,114 by 2,372 lines in August.
The VOIP network had an active subscriber base of 24,693, increasing it by 6,431 as against the 18,262 used numbers in July.
In addition, the data showed that the “teledensity’’ of Nigeria’s telecommunications industry climbed to 109.14 per cent in August, compared to 107.33 per cent in July.
“Teledensity” measures the percentage of a country’s population with access to telecommunications services as determined by the subscriber base.