The American Government is allowing natives of some countries to participate in a computer random name selection every year. These randomly selected winners will be allowed to apply for the US Immigrant visa using the normal visa procedures and at the end they must go for the visa interview at one of the US consular office to proof their eligibility to obtain the required visas. Those who are staying in the USA and were selected under this program can contact the USCIS office to change their current status to LPR Status.

This program is officially called as diversity visa lottery program and many African and American country people call it green card lottery. People may think this is a simple lottery program and winning it will allow them to have the rich American life for them and for their family. But it is wrong. This true and reliable program is covered with tougher rules, time limit and involves heavy non refundable visas fees of US$ 819.

It is clearly stated by the State department those who want to participate in this lucky draw must meet certain eligibility requirements. If they don't have it they are advised not to participate. Also this winning this program and proofing their eligibility will allow that person to live and work permanently in the USA. So the authorities are expecting you to provide all the true personal information from the beginning. Failure to comply with this will lead rejection at any time.

Each fiscal year dv lottery has its own name. In this year 2010, DV 2012 visa lottery program for the fiscal year 2012 is accepting entries from eligible people through the application form which is provided in the internet by the US State Department in their specially designed official visa lottery web site.
The application form is officially called as E-DV entry form and it will be available for a period of thirty days only and the opening and closing dates are as follows. Opened on 5th October and will close on 3rd November 2010. Under this program nearly 50,000 visas are available and they must be issued to the eligible winners who proof their eligibility at the interview between 1st of October 2011 till 30th September.

Also take note that this year's DV-2012 the application form will requests each application to provide their digital photo file, personal email address along with their personal details in the entry form. If failed to provide any of them, the entry will not be accepted by the internet server.

Those who want to apply must download the application forms from the official web site and should fill it within the given 60 minutes of time and it should submit back as instructed. If they couldn't do it in time, then they must download a new one and have to start the process again. The form can't be saved and used as it is an online submission form. People living in the USA too can apply for this program, if they meet the eligibility. Also they can apply for their eligible relatives and friends too regardless of in which country they are living today. Don't forget a person can apply only one entry as a primary applicant. If submitted more than one entry, all the entries will be rejected regardless of who has submitted them.

If you are a married person, then you will get another part of application to give the details and photo file of your spouse. If you have eligible children then you will get one more part for each of your child. Failure to include your spouse or your eligible children will disqualify you from the green card lottery program.

If the husband and wife are meeting the required eligibility requirements then each one can submit one entry as primary applicant with the spouse and eligible children. If any of them win the whole family can proceed with the immigrant visa application. If both of them win then the one with the highest qualification must proceed.

Application form and its content are available in English language only. The instructions are available in many regional languages in the internet. Take note that the English language instruction is the official one.

No one can guarantee that you will be a winner.

On acceptance of your entry you will get a Confirmation number page which you can save or print. The unique number will allow you to check your status online whether you are selected for the program or not for further processing. This feature is available from May 20010 for the dv 2012 program. For the DV 2011 program online status check is now available in the American Government's official dv lottery web site.

Last year's program DV 2011 is in the process of sending visa interview notifications to the winners through the normal postal mail as second letter. Nearly 100,600 applicants were selected as winners and were asked to proceed with the selection.

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