The only country that produces more cocoa than Ghana is the Ivory Coast.

The name Ghana means warrior king and harks back to the days of the Ghana Empire between the 9th and 13th centuries.

The Ghana Empire was built on trade in salt and gold, which is why British merchants later called it the Gold Coast.

It was also commonly referred to as the "white man's grave" because of the prevalence of malaria and other fatal tropical diseases.

Lake Volta in Ghana is the largest artificial lake in the world by surface area.

In 1991 Ferdi Ato Aboboe set a world record of 13.6 seconds for running 100 metres backwards. That record was equalled by Roland Wegner (Germany) in 2007 but Aboboe still holds the sole record of 12.7 seconds for 100 yards backwards.

Ghana has never won an Olympic gold medal but has a silver and two bronze medals for boxing and a bronze for football in 1992.

The only English word from the Ga language of Ghana is that of the wasting disease kwashiorkor.

The Greenwich meridian goes through Ghana: the equator misses Ghana by about 380 miles.