Senegal is placed 154th on the United Nations Human Development Index, making it the 20th least desirable country on Earth to live in.

The average annual income is about 300 and 54% of the population live below the poverty line.

Only 39.1% of the adult population can read and write and The average Senegalese woman gives birth to 5.03 children.

The official language is French, but the Senegalese also speak local languages including Wolof, Pulaar, Jola and Mandinka.

The highest point in Senegal is only 581 metres above sea level, which is so unremarkable that it does not even have a name.

Fish and peanuts are two of Senegal's major exports.

In a four-nation football tournament in Senegal in 1991, both semi-finals, the final and the third-place play-off all ended in penalty shoot-outs.

Medicine men in Senegal treat dizziness and madness with the roots of the wild custard apple.

In 1997, the whole of Senegal was in darkness for four hours after a sparrow hawk collided with high tension power line, short-circuiting the National Grid.