When a King of Swaziland dies, his successor is chosen from among his younger sons and must be a right-handed man with no full brother.

In 1985, a Swaziland MP said that anyone found possessing human flesh or bones without reasonable cause should be hanged in public.

He claimed that the practice of human sacrifice was harming Swaziland's reputation.

In 2002, Swaziland was reported to have lost track of its only ship. The transport minister was quoted as saying, 'Our nation's merchant navy is perfectly safe. We just don't know where it is; that's all.' He went on to say, 'We believe it is in a sea somewhere.'

On 6 November 1995, a group of Swaziland MPs called for new laws to protect men and boys from being raped by women.

They argued that the current rape laws were sexually discriminatory.

The current monarch of Swaziland is King Mswati III, who has 14 wives and 23 children.

The King's mother is known as The Great She-Elephant.

Swaziland competed at the 1972 Olympics and every Summer Olympics from 1984 to 2008 but has yet to win a medal.

Swaziland's only representative at a Winter Olympics was Keith Fraser, who was born in Scotland.

He came 63rd in the Giant Slalom in 1992. is now reported to be a ski instructor in Colorado and is known affectionately as 'Swaz'.