Association of Witches and Wizards in Nigeria is one bizzare group that is definitely doing their thing with evil powers. However, one interesting thing about this group is that from time to time they come up with predictions and these predictions somehow seem to come to pass.

Read below the predictions this same witches and wizards made in Jan 2011 concerning PDP presidential primary elections and the 2011 general elections:

“Atiku should withdraw now if he loves himself. He would be humbled by President Goodluck Jonathan. If he withdraws now, it will be a saving grace for him, but if he insists on going ahead with the primaries, that will be the end of his political career.
“During our emergency meeting to deliberate on the state of affairs in Nigeria, it was clearly revealed to us that the days of Atiku’s relevance in Nigeria’s politics are over.
He is just wasting his money, energy and resources. His campaign is in vain. His fate is already sealed. He is going nowhere. The era of his relevance in Nigerian politics is over. He should forget the idea of becoming Nigeria’s number one citizen, either now or in the future.

“About six months ago, long before General Ibrahim Babangida decided to enter the race for PDP’s presidential ticket, witches and wizards told him that he was wasting his time. We told him in clear terms that he would never secure PDP ticket, and that he would drop by the wayside. This was reported by some national dailies. What eventually happened to IBB? He was humiliated. He who has ears, let him hear very well, witches and wizards do not double-speak. We are messengers from the spiritual world, and anybody that disobeys us, is doing so at his own risk.

“When we warned Babangida to stay away, that he was going nowhere, some of his agents told us that we are fake witches. That Babangida has other witches praying for him to win PDP’s ticket. From what happened to Babangida later, we now know who are genuine and fake witches.

“Witches and wizards are also stakeholders in the project called Nigeria. This is why we held this emergency meeting to look at the state of our nation, Jonathan will win. All other candidates will be defeated. But Jonathan should be very careful. He should also look for ways to address the present state of insecurity.

“Jonathan’s victory is assured and sealed in the spiritual world, but he will face many challenges. He should not be afraid. He will conquer his opponents. Witches and wizards are praying for this nation. We wish Nigeria well, but what has been revealed to us in the spiritual world is alarming. As Chief Tony Anenih said recently, there is no vacancy in Aso Rock, Jonathan will win, but there will be bloodshed in some states".