There have been an issue of Gas explosion in the gas refiling center at Eket, Akwa Ibom State. Eket is one of the popular Local Government in Akwa Ibom State, known for its growing capacity of business and also for the existence of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited. The issue of this gas explosion occurred in Afaha Uqua Road, just at the heart of the town.

From our correspondent, Eye witnesses at the scene of Action reported that the fire gut up twelves person on the road,, at the hot afternoon of yesterday 05-01-2015. There were series of commotion in the environment when this all happen. The whole shop was burnt and the those of the neighboring sellers also. It was reported that one of the ladies who had a recharge card business around the gas refilling spot was also burnt. The cylinders where all on fire until the neighbours device means to quench the fire.

The cause of the fire was what everyone where anxious to know. Our correspondent gathered that, there was a woman who was repeatedly warned on frying beans cake (popularly known has AKARA) around the gas station, we where told that when the boys asked her to stop the business in that location, she ended up calling them 'Enemies of Progress'. So on this fateful day why the boys where about filling the gas for one of the customers, the gas gut up with the fire which was 15 meters away.

The victims where rushed to the Hospital, after many of them where burnt by the fire. The look was awful, some of them where burnt and the skin was beyond recognition while others had the skin piled of by the fire. But at the hospital in Eket, there where redirected to Uyo, where the can be treated.