Music journalist Amanda Mester has recently applied to a number of jobs. But among all the responses she's received, it was the email from Thrillist Media Group that immediately struck a chord.

“My guess is that I applied for a job there last month,” she said. “I was with my father when I received the response last night and in any event, we found it to be pretty funny.”

Mester, 26, had sent her resume in to be considered for a position as an editorial assistant for the media company, which publishes content related to food, drink, and travel.

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When she opened the email responding to her application, Mester not only realized that she hadn’t landed the job, but that the rejection letter contained grammatical errors as well.

It was then when Mester decided to edit the email sent to her by an unknown employee at Thrillist.

She posted it on Twitter this morning.

“I wanted to share it because of the humor and the irony of it,” she told ABC News. “I don’t see anything detrimental about encouraging an organization to instill pride in their employees in terms of how they respond to others. It’s important to teach grammatical rules, especially if you’re in a media company.”

A few hours after tweeting, Mester’s photo received both positive and negative comments from users – many of them suggesting the young journalist might be jeopardizing her career.

“I’m not really concerned with my future in that sense,” Mester said. “I have tons of support around me. I’m not trying to come across as an angry person who’s trying to bring somebody down, either. I’m not a bad person, I swear!”

Thrillist Media Group has not responded to ABC News’ request for comment.