A father and daughter who have been sleeping together and having two kids have been sentenced to prison.

A 25-year-old woman from Oregon in the USA, Chalena Moody, has been sentenced to 10-days prison sentence and an 18-month probation period for having an incestuous relationship with her biological father, Eric Lee Gates, 49, leading to the two having children together, reports Daily Mail.

Moody also had a third child for her father but the baby died at birth and now, the state has now taken custody of the two children, who face a number of medical problems.

Her father Gates is currently serving a 60-day prison sentence for violating his earlier probation and moving in with Moody.

He was also required to pay restitution to the State of Oregon to help cover the medical expenses of the two children.

Gates was in and out of prison when Moody was growing up and did not have custody of the child. The pair got in touch in the past few years when the relationship began. Both confessed to the relationship and confirmed that the babies were their own.