A Massachusetts boy called local police to inform them that his father had committed a traffic violation.

Robert, a 6-year-old from Quincy, called 911 after his father ran a red light while the two were out running errands.

"Daddy went past the red light," Robert said during the call, which was shared to Quincy police's Facebook page.

Robert went on to provide the dispatcher on the other end with more detailed information, explaining that while his father drives a black truck he was behind the wheel of his mother's brand new car at the time of the incident.

"We had to go to the car wash and then he went past the red light," Robert continued.

The dispatcher then asked the boy to put his father on the phone and Robert can be heard telling him that he received a call.

Upon learning Quincy police were on the other end of the phone the father laughed and apologized for both running the red light and his son's call and assured that no emergency had taken place.