I love my girlfriend and she, undoubtedly loves me. But she sometimes demands gifts or money that I canít provide instantly; yet she keeps up with me.

Iíve told her that Iím unable to carry all her responsibilities, but will always try my best for her. I thought she understood.

However, thereís one problem: Whenever I want to enter her after weíve caressed and Iíve become high, sheíll ask me to promise to provide her with whatís difficult for me to provide quickly (like an expensive Android phone, money for business, etc).

Why would she do that when Iím very high sexually and desperate to enter? No matter how much I beg her, sheíll refuse to open her legs until I promise her. All these have drained my savings and income.

I know that itís spiritually dangerous for men to promise what they canít do when theyíre on top of women, but I canít always control myself whenever I set my eyes on her naked, sexy and tempting body.

If I delay her when she needs something, sheíll simply wait till when weíre to have sex, and sheíll then demand that I mention a date Iíll give her; otherwise, there wouldnít be any real fun.

My woman wants me to promise her before I enter, should I agree?

What can I do? Iím helpless! - Contributed