Holy Batarang! Man charged for throwing Batman's weapon at police car 0:19
A 23-year-old man was being held on felony assault charges after he threatened a bouncer with a homemade spear and then slung a Batarang into the car of the cops who were chasing him, Seattle police said Wednesday.

You read that right: a Batarang. As in, one of Batman's boomerangs.

The suspect, who wasn't identified but who clearly appeared to have a thing for superheroes, first swung his improvised spear a knife attached to a metal pole at a bouncer Monday night at a bar on Capitol Hill, north of downtown, police said.

IMAGE: Batarang
A Batarang thrown by a fleeing suspect embedded itself into the front end of a pursuing Seattle police SUV on Monday. Seattle Police Department
Police responded and started chasing the man who produced a "sharp, black Batman-style throwing star" and flung it at the cop car.

His aim was true: The Batarang flew into the SUV's lower front end.

Police said they were requesting further charges of weapons violations and obstruction of justice against the man, who they reassured residents is "not Batman."