Disturbing attack sees ‘ghost’ smearing faces and urine over woman's front door

THIS is the disgusting moment a man dressed as a ghost smeared face over a woman's front door in an apparent revenge attack.

The distressing video shows a man throwing an unidentified object at the home in Dali City, south-west China, before returning in a Japanese ghost costume to do further damage.

For the last seven months, the victim, Ms Yang, has come home to find all forms of waste rubbed into her front door.

After the 13th attack, the woman decided to install a CCTV camera in an attempt to capture the cretin behind the gruesome acts.

The ghostly figure smears faeces on Ms. Yang's door
In the latest visit captured on film, the attacker can be seen shuffling towards the apartment, wearing a white mask, black wig and white shirt.

Ms Yang believes the attacks are linked to a note she found outside her door in January that called her a home-wrecker.

She Yang claims the note, which accused her of having an affair, had been the result of a misunderstanding.

The attacker can be seen shuffling towards the apartment door
Ms Yang has handed the video to police, who are now investigating the case, but have been so far unable to catch the culprit.

The suspect destroyed the surveillance camera during his most recent visit last week.

Ms Yang hopes the attacks will now stop, after police promised to keep an eye on the area.