Earthquake mystic who 'predicted Nepal disaster' now warns of mega quake THIS MONTH

AN EARTHQUAKE predictor, who claims to have foreseen several major tremors including the huge quake which claimed more than 8,000 lives in Nepal last year, has warned a "big one" of up to magnitude nine could strike within days.

The new age researcher claims the planetary alignments affect seismic activity on Earth, in a similar way the moon causes tidal activity, but his theory has faced ridicule from sceptics.

But Mr Hoogerbeets, from the Netherlands, says his ongoing study of the alignments and earthquake activity has shown there must be a link, despite accepting it is not scientifically proven.

He claims his research has shown as planets line up with the Earth, and our world gets closer to them, we are bombarded by resonances which could trigger seismic activity on Earth.

He is urging geologists to at least investigate his theory to see if it can help develop an early-warning system.

He wrote: "On August 20, the Moon opposes Mercury at 10.16am and Jupiter at 11.58am UTC.

"This is an opposition with the near Earth-Mercury-Jupiter alignment while Mercury is also in an alignment with Venus and Neptune at 9.50pm UTC.

"This may cause a high six or seven magnitude earthquake between the 20th and 22nd."

Mr Hoogerbeets then details a series of different planetary alignments between August 22 and 25, that he says could see an earthquake as powerful as magnitude nine striking.
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He said: "This combination of alignments may cause the first severe increase in seismic activity around this time.

"If the alignments up until the 25th are not enough, on the 27th Earth lines up with Venus and Jupiter at 10.23pm UTC while Mercury is very close.

"This will become especially powerful from the 27th to the 28th when Mercury lines up with Venus and Jupiter while Mercury is also coming closer to its alignment with the Sun and Mars.

"On 28 August the Mercury-Venus-Jupiter alignment will be exact at 11.53am UTC.

"This is the first date in this forecast time window when Earth Harmonics would allow for an eight plus magnitude earthquake.

"Two more powerful alignments will occur on August 29 bombarding Earth with even more amplified resonances.

"August 30 is the second possible date for an eight plus magnitude earthquake."

But, he claims things could continue with a risk of earthquakes until September 4.

He added: "Overall, a first seismic increase may occur around August 21.