THE world will reach a terrible and violent end TODAY, claims a shock video which has been viewed by nearly three million worried people.

Produced by Armageddon News and broadcast on the End Times Prophecies YouTube channel the film says the bible predicts how a polar shift will trigger worldwide tremors and reduce countries to rubble.

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Entitled "Why the World Will End Surely on 29 July 2016? Shocking facts", the 17-minute video says the horrific events will signal a biblical Armageddon and the second coming of Christ.

Those behind the film claim an ongoing phenomenon known as a polar flip will be responsible for the destruction of the planet as we know it.

Narrated by a female computer-generated voice, the footage says: "The polar flip will make the stars race across the sky, and the vacuum from the reeling of the Earth will pull the atmosphere along the ground, trying to catch up, creating what is known as a roll cloud.

"For Jesus will only return on the day the poles reverse and a global earthquake reels the Earth, turning it upside down and leaving every city in the world in utter ruin and destruction.

"Now it is time to make your decision to accept Jesus as your saviour or reject him."

Polar shift is a real geomagnetic phenomenon whereby the invisible magnetic North Pole moves slowly upwards, caused by the movement of molten iron within the Earth’s core.

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Scientists calculate the world goes through this geomagnetic reversal around every 780,000 years.

But, rather than a sudden shift in polarity, these magnetic poles move slowly over thousands of years and since records began, the pole has so far shifted more than 600 miles.