A WOMAN has given an astonishing account on camera of being abducted several times by aliens and taken onboard a spacecraft to be probed and even raped.

Lisa Tenney, 40, claims to have been raped by evil aliens, but despite the ordeal, considers some of the other aliens who kidnapped her as like family.

The life coach from Idaho, USA, said a number of different aliens, some nice and some hostile, had abducted her since she was a child aged six.

She insists she has been taken by several kinds of extra-terrestrials, including evil ones from a government project referred to as “MyLab”.

The Mylab beings would “aggressively” probe her genitals, she claimed.

She said: “There was no emotional connection. It felt like rape. It was not a good feeling.”

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'I was taken by four ET greys as I slept in my bed'
Mrs Tenney said the aliens would always appear through her bedroom wall as "static" before they solidified.

She said: “I would watch my body do the same thing and then I would move through the wall.”

She described the alies as humanoid – with arms, legs and a head, but no genitals.

They had "large, black, oil-like eyes."

She added: “They have tiny ears and the mouth is there but really tiny. There was more telepathy than speaking.”