My parents are Chinese immigrants, so they’re not very familiar with American food. My dad made me weird things for lunch, like

Peanut butter and jelly AND

Ham and cheese

In the SAME sandwich, held together by two pieces of whole wheat bread. I kept forgetting to tell him to separate them out, so I ate this for lunch at school for about two weeks.

My parents have also made me ham and tomatoes (soaked through the bread and had to wait to get home to eat it), peanut butter and cheese, jelly and ham and cheese, etc. I’ll eat anything, but I genuinely miss school lunch…

I eat my own weird combinations all the time, like

Ketchup + hot sauce + whatever my parents make for dinner, which is always rice, vegetables, and meat (they make everything taste so much better! I use vinegar or soy sauce if we run out)

Bologna and peanut butter sandwich (one of my childhood classics)

Cereal mixed with peanut butter for snack

Cinnamon and bread “sandwich” for when we run out of fillings

Basically any sort of savory, flavored liquid + solid, dry food