P. M. B. 2011, Yaba, Lagos.

Scope and frequency of Journal:
YABATECH JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY is a Bi-Annual Multi-disciplinary journal of Scientific, Technological and Engineering Research. It welcomes a culture-based research articles in many areas for the technological advancement of the nation.

General Instructions:
Manuscript of original research work may be submitted online at:
Papers published in the Journal should be based on original research or continuation of previous studies that are reproducible and should not have been submitted for consideration by any other Journal

Manuscripts should be typed on white A4 (8.5 x 11in or 216 x 279mm) paper, double spaced with wide margins (2.5cm) on both left and right, top and bottom.

Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements, References, Tables. This however may not preclude consideration of articles that may not strictly follow this order of presentation as long as such articles are research-based.
Figure Legends and Figures. Main section headings should be bold, centered and upper case letters. Do not underline the title or section headings. Subsections (also bolded) may be included and only the first letter of the subsection should be capitalized. Avoid excessive fragmentation of the paper.
Title: Should be brief and reflect the main theme of the paper. A short running title of not more than 45 characters including space in between words should be included.

By-Line: Author(s)’ name(s) and address/affiliation should appear below the title.

Abstract: An abstract in English should include key words, arranged alphabetically with only the first letter of the key words. Abstracts should be limited to not more than 20 words, and should contain salient features of the study, briefly indicating method of study, results, and the main conclusion.
Introduction: Provide a survey of literature and clearly justify the need of the study.

Materials and Methods: This should be informative enough to enable readers to interpret the results obtained. Particular attention should be paid to the design, analysis and statistics.

Results: Should be concise: Avoid reproducing information already in tables.

Discussion: This may be combined with results but generally should be separate. It should indicate clearly the significance and implications of the results obtained. Inferences and opinions should be distinguished from facts, and should not duplicate results except to introduce or clarify points. Reference should be made to published literature.

Conclusion: The paper should draw major conclusions from the study or alternatively, the Discussion section may end with concluding remarks from the study.

Acknowledgement: Of contributions towards paper/research

References: Only articles or books published or are “in press” may be cited. Copies of the publishers’ letters of acceptance should accompany all such citations. The reference list should be arranged alphabetically. Authors should be referred to in text by names and year (Harvard/APA system).

Personal communication may be cited only in the text, giving names, date, and institution or organization of source of information.
Tables and Figures: Tables and Figures self – explanatory, without reference to the text or other tables and figures captions should be brief but should adequately describe contents. “The Tables should be numbered in Arabic numerals.

Paper Revision: An author receiving editorial recommendations for revision should submit the revised manuscript within 6 months; otherwise, longer intervals will be treated as new manuscripts.
Page proofs will normally be sent to the author for correction if time permits.
Assessment Fee and Page Charges: Papers for consideration for publication should be accompanied with a non-refundable fee processing of N 5, 000.00, or its equivalent in US Dollars; while papers acceptable for publication shall attract a page charge of N 15,000.00 (or its equivalent in US Dollars) for a paper of not more than 12 A-4 double-spaced type-written in Font size 12, Times New Roman.

Final Instruction for preparation of accepted manuscripts only
Use double spacing and Microsoft Word.
1. In the title page, the title should be capitalized along with authors’ names with surname(s) first followed by initials of author(s).

2. Use Arial Narrow font, 10 pts, for the abstract, followed by the key words which should be arranged alphabetically.

3. Correspondence author should be indicated with an asterisk including e-mail address.

4. Use 14 font size headings in upper case characters, i. e. ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, etc., and 12 font size for sub-heading in lower case characters Introduction to Acknowledgement sections.

5. Italicize the journal name and the titles of books in list of references.

6. Submit two printed copies of revised manuscript along with a CD for easy retrieval.

Deadline for submission of papers for consideration in the next issue of the journal is September 30, 2011.

Oluwole Akinjayeju
Department of Food Technology,
Yaba College of Technology,
P. M.B. 2011,